Long Live This Wounded Planet

Poetry as a literary art form is once again gaining popularity.  There is no shortage of poems addressing nature and Man’s interaction with it. I find this piece by Adrian Mitchell inspiring:

William Blake says: Everything that Lives is Holy

Long live the Child
Long live the Mother and Father
Long live the People

Long live this wounded Planet
Long live the good milk of the Air

Long live the spawning Rivers and the
Mothering Oceans
Long live the juice of the Grass
And all the determined greenery of the Globe

Long live the Elephants and the Sea Horses,
the Humming-Birds and the Gorillas,
the Dogs and cats and Field-Mice –
all the surviving Animals
our innocent Sisters and Brothers

long live the Earth, deeper than all our thinking

we have done enough killing

Long live the Man
Long live the Woman
Who use both courage and compassion
Long live their Children

Adrian Mitchell

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