Recycled Jewellery – Tonya O’Hara and Jeremy Mays


Art works made from recycled materials are all the rage.  Most of them don’t seem to work particularly well.

Two British designers have, however, produced attractive objects made from recycled materials. Tonya O’Hara produces rings (above) and earrings (below) made from recycled plastic bottles.


Jeremy Mays’s work is even more ingenious. He makes beautiful jewellery from old, discarded books.

Most art made from recycled materials relies on the mere fact that it’s recycled to get attention.  The art itself rarely holds its own. These objects, on the other hand, seem to be attractive and desirable in their own right with the fact that they come from recycled materials being an added bonus rather than their only selling point.

Looking froward to more, and ever more sophisticated, recycled offerings from the fashion and design industries.

The stories on both these artists came from Ecouterre – a great site that’s worth a visit.

Jewelry by jeremy Mays


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