Practical, Beautiful and Surreal – The Work of Jason de Caires Taylor

How and why would one create an underwater scutpture park?

Sculptor and scuba diver Jason de Caires Taylor has, so far, created a total of 65 underwater sculptural installations in Mexico and across the Caribbean. While seeming somewhat surreal, these sculptures have a very practical purpose. They are intended to ‘spread the load’ currently borne by endangered local coral reefs by attracting divers to view these sculptural installations instead.  In additions, over time they form artificial reefs – new habitats where new coral can grow to form new coral reefs with their attendant value in supporting underwater life around them.

A video (below) shows the installation of the latest work in Cancun, Mexico.

Jason’s work may be an ideal example of how art can help conservation efforts.  His art not only draws attention to the issues but makes a very practical and tangible contribution both to conservation and coral reef restoration efforts and to the local tourist economy.  If only we could come up with more examples of this type of art.


  1. these works are brave, ambitious and haunting to see. I have a terror of being underwater and a love for anything artful…. a strange dichotomy to get my head around. I love the idea of accelerated environmental change and alteration of the work with it being underwater. Would so interesting to visit in 5 year intervals and witness the alterations and growth.

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