Humanity and Nature are One – Segmento

This wonderful image is from Brazilian advertising agency Segmento. It illustrates their campaign titled “Humanity and Nature Are One.”

To me this highly creative image illustrates two things. The first is the power of digital imagery. It is difficult to imagine that a similar image could have been as powerful as this using any other medium but digital manipulation of photographic images. Such digital imagery combines the ‘real’ of photographic images with the unreal composition that captures our attention and unleashes our imagination. The combination yields strong visual impact.

The second is the concept behind this image. Rather than the usual – and largely ineffective – environmental narrative of “Human vs Nature,” this campaign focuses on our inseparable inter-relatedness and inter-dependence. It tries to bring us closer to nature rather than to create artificial separation.

The campaign was not created for a client but rather is a self-promotion campaign for the agency. It’s special web site for the campaign provides tips for living with nature.

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