Garbage and Landscape Beauty – the work of Yao Lu

Yao Lu is a digital artist who creates beautiful landscape images in the style of traditional Chinese paintings – beautiful mountain and water scenes are shrouded in could and mist, eliciting serene and romantic feelings.

But a closer look at these images reveals that all is not as it seems.

The images are digital composites compiled using photographs of garbage dumps. Large mounds of garbage are covered in sheets of green protective nets.  The artist photographs these mounds and then re-assembles the images to create these bucolic landscapes. Viewed quickly or from afar, these are beautiful landscape images. Closer to, they are mounds of garbage.

As China undergoes rapid industrialization and urbanization, these huge mounds of garbage are generated everywhere with significant damage to the environment.  Yao Lu has inverted the historical process. While China turns its landscape into one huge garbage dump, the artist, alchemist like, has turned garbage into the beautiful, romanticized Chinese landscape which is rapidly disappearing.

For a different take on the relationship between beauty and garbage, see the work of Edward Burtynsky.

For a closer look at Yao Lu’s images in larger format, look here.

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  1. I am incredibly interested in your artwork both for myself and also for intersted parties. Please keep me on your list and let me know when and where your works are for exhibition or sale, specifically within France, Germany and the USA.

    Thank you for your inspiration,


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