Trees In Concrete – David Brooks at MOMA PS1

MOMA PS1 describes itself as a public exhibition space that “devotes its energy and resources to displaying the most experimental art in the world.” It’s current exhibit – Greater New York 2010 – runs until October and exhibits the work of emerging artists including an intriguing installation by David Brooks.  The artist has assembled some plants and sprayed them with concrete.  It is described in a New York Times article by Roberta Smith as follows: “David Brooks has earnestly assembled a representative chunk of tropical rain forest plant life and deluged it with concrete — something between an indoor Robert Smithson rundown and a landscape by George Segal — in protest of the destruction of nature by industry. The encased plants will die and decay, collapsing in a kind of slow-motion happening.

David Brooks at MOMA PS1. Photo: New York Times

David Brooks at MOMA PS1. Photo: New York Times

David Brooks has, it seems, been intrigued by deforestation for some time. The work below was presented in an exhibit entitled “New Perspectives in Contemporary Art” organized jointly by Affirmation Arts and Columbia University. The piece is entitled “Breathtaking Vistas of Deforestation” and the medium described as “60 laser copies laminated and sanded’ (yes, truly).

Picture 2

With the increasing importance being given to deforestation as a contributor to climate change, such work may acquire increased relevance.


  1. Spayed trees with concrete?? This is the way the artist is protesting? by killing even more trees??? Great idea! I just hope that if he disagree about how the world is treating kids he doesn’t spray them with concrete too.

    Florencia Martinez

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