Strength in Delicacy – the works of Christiane Loehr

I recently came across the works of Christiane Loehr at an exhibit supposedly focused on renewable energy held at MACRO – a museum of contemporary art in Rome.

Loehr is a German artist that constructs complex and beautiful structures using natural materials – often seeds or flowers.

These structures are generally small – the one above is 10.5 x 8 x 8 cm but they manage to combine a feeling of immense delicacy with one of stability and even strength.

It is not clear what the artist is trying to communicate with these sculptures – if anything at all. On her web site, she gives us no hints as to her thinking behind this work.  Maybe they are meant simply to be enjoyed and appreciated as an experience with no hidden meaning.

However, when I saw these beautiful works in the flesh, I could not help but think of the delicacy and fragility of the natural world that surrounds us in spite of the fact that so much of it looks so stable, strong and invincible.  I knew that it would take just one swipe with my finger to destroy these beautiful structures – just like it is taking just one swipe of industrialized civilization to wipe out our natural world.

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