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Artist, author, independent scholar and commentator. Intersectionist. Joe explores issues relating to the relationship between growth, sustainability, and the environment within cultural frameworks. His interest is in cross-disciplinary approaches that offer to re-imagine ‘conservation’ and ‘environmentalism’. How do we make ‘environmentalism’ itself more effective and sustainable in the 21st century?

A frequent speaker on conservation related issues, he is the Founder and President of WOLFoundation.org, a Board Member of the African Rainforest Conservancy and a member of the IUCN Commission for Education and Communication.

In his own art, he is one of the world’s leading animal portrait artists, developing unique ways to use animal portraiture to explore issues related to animal individuality, human-animal relations and the impact on conservation efforts.  Examples of this work can be seen at  www.jzlimages.com.

He is both author and photographer for “FIRST STEPS: Conserving Our Environment” based on a United Nations exhibit.

Joe was previously a practicing physician, industry executive and an entrepreneur who founded a market leading international company,


  1. Joe, You are just the most Fabulous Artist/Man for the 21st Century I know! Everything you do with your artist’s soul is so meaningful to the survival of our humaness. You’re a beacon for us in these inhuman times.

  2. Joe, your comments regarding the general lack of engagement in environmental issues resonated with me, as I’m involved with environmental education and communication. I have also noticed this phenomenon, and conclude that people are comfortable in their luxurious lifestyles and are choosing to ignore the warning of climate change scientists. Your blog and work are truly important in spreading the message.

  3. Joe, Just found the Facebook page and now this blog.Thank you for featuring the work of Richard Long who was the groundbreaker (literally) for looking at the place of the artist in the environment. This blog is most timely as we face many challenges today and as an artist I feel concern about what I can do through my work to express these. Will add you as a link if that’s ok.

  4. Joe, it has been inspiring following your work these past few years. You created a vision and not only made it happen, you have shared its evolution with other like minded artists. Well done….. Jill Corr

  5. I run a school K-12 in Biñan, Philippines.I use a book “Art,Culture,And Enviroment” as part of the curriculum. You might want to look at it.

  6. Forgot to cite authors. They are June King McFee and Rogena M. Degge. Published by Wadsworth Publishing Company, Inc., 1977.

  7. Hi Joe
    I like your thoughts.
    Conservationists need to look outside their own box, and engage with different sectors of society. This can be uncomfortable, as others may not accept some of the traditional conservation ideas. But it is essential, as the world will go on without mankind, but humans needs nature to survive!
    Your stories reach out beyond the conservation world – please keep them coming!

  8. Hello Joe Zammit-Lucia,
    I consider myself an environmental painter. I will begin to gush if I tell you how much I appreciate your photography and all of your websites. I would like to do a post on my blog about you and your mission. I can grab some images from The Third Ray, but I need your permission and a jpg to include one of your personal photos. I just read the self- interview that you did for Camera Arts in 2008. I really liked the questions that you asked yourself. Tim Anderson is my partner and has given me permission to use what I want from that article. There is so much information to include about you and your work that it may have to be a two part post. What do you think? Thank you for your time. Ann

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