This blog is concerned with the question:

“How have artists been involved in the debate about sustainability and how do they continue to be involved?”

Artists have lagged behind the scientific community in their involvement in issues of sustainability in our society.  This is changing at a rapid pace and artists will increasingly help shape the cultural framework surrounding the sustainable development debate.

This blog takes a broad brief, covering works of art that address issues that have suffered from narrow labels such as ‘conservation’, ‘environmentalism’, ‘green’, ‘global warming’, ‘ecology’, ‘environmental art’, or, more nebulously, ‘saving the planet’.  The sustainability debate goes beyond issues of environmentalism and conservation to encompass the worlds of business, finance, economics, politics and social institutions.

The Third Ray

What’s with the title?

The Seven Rays is a metaphysical concept that has appeared in several religions and philosophies since at least the sixth century BCE, in both Western culture and in India.  Of the seven rays, The Third Ray represents the use of Active Intelligence, its color is green and its planet rulers are Earth and Saturn (Alice E Bailey). 

“The third ray is the power of ideas.”

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  1. Hello,

    One of the biggest global issues we face today is warming. Subsequent discussion lies on topics like space travel, burning of fossil fuels, and deforestation. A clear rally cry for more prevalent green initiatives has been underway for some time, but who is answering?

    As Earth Day approaches, I’d like to take a moment to discuss with you and the readers of http://www.thethirdray.com/ how some organizations are performing their green duties.

    Take a moment to consider this as I’d very much like to contribute a guest piece!



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